Services we provide.


Gillet is renowned worldwide for the research, development and design of technically innovative exhaust systems. Founded in 1860, Gillet has worked closely with almost every European car manufacturer.

Our Global Value Package

A comprehensive range of services available worldwide and global presence have made us one of the world's leading suppliers of exhaust systems.

Communication and Project Management

Further reductions in development times and costs are achieved by intensive cooperation between automobile manufacturers, ourselves as a system partner and our own suppliers, using the latest equipment and our certified project management system NPIS.

Customer Orientation

We focus on the needs of our customers in whatever we do-whether working on-site in cooperation with the customer or in-house on the customer's behalf, preparing product development, coordinating suppliers and logistics, or arranging volume production. We are familiar with their strategies and we stand by our customers wherever they may be, anywhere in the world. As a leading exhaust system manufacturer, we intend to maintain and develop our market position now and in the future.

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