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To meet the growing needs of the U.S. marketplace, Yokohama Rubber Company established a North American manufacturing and marketing arm - Yokohama Tire Corporation. Since its beginnings in 1969, Yokohama Tire Corporation has experienced enormous growth.

Yokohama Tire Corporation maintains U.S. manufacturing capabilities and distribution centers throughout the country, servicing a network of over 4500 points of sale nationwide.

Yokohama has a well-earned reputation at the racetrack.

Yokohama's motorsports program, which throught the years has expanded from sponsoring individuals to sponsoring entire racing series, is a perfect environment for testing tire technologies that result in developing better street tires.

Yokohama puts tires to the test.

Tire companies are waging a constant battle to put a bigger footprint on the market, whether it's in original equipment rubber or for replacement share.

Yokohama has driven itself into a substantial share of the performance tire niche and now it's looking to leave its mark on the sport utility and light truck segments.

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